Air handling units, Air conditioning, Duct design and software, Duct manufacture. 

       Duct design

All ducting for either mechanical or natural ventilation, extract or air conditioning must be correctly designed. In the design air flow and velocity are taken into account too slow velocity creates more energy costs for the fan and does not create suitable conditions for inhabitants, too fast the same applies but creating an unacceptable noise level.

    Air Conditioning

For any air conditioned application it is essential that the AC unit is correctly sized relating to the BTU,s required to either heat or cool the air. Incorrect selection results in excessive  energy costs and  unnecessary wear on running parts.

 Ductwork manufacture

Duct work manufacturing techniques, machines. For latest duct prices, please go to: Prices

With over forty years experience in the United Kingdom CASADOMETAL offers a comprehensive service for any HVAC applications. Situated in Sao Sebastioa, Sao Paulo. Whatever yourDDneeds, Kitchen extract, Dust or fume removal, general ventilation, air conditioning systems or Air handling units, CASADOMETAL can fulfil all your requirements.

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Whether you require a duct mounted fan for extract or supply air. The selection of any fan is subject to the volume of air to be moved and too the resistance created by the duct system,s route, filters, volume control dampers etc. Also noise level of the fans motor must be considered.

CASADOMETAL,s design and manufacturing service can supply any AHU required for any installation.

Restaurant kitchen extract canopies are our speciality  Whatever your requirements: Stainless steel, glass, Copper, Aluminium with or without filters we can supply.